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iExplore Facebook App Launched

We’ve just launched a new Facebook competition app for the UK travel agency, iExplore.  The app invites users to share their “thrillaxing” photos and videos for a chance to win the “trip of a lifetime.”

iExplore Facebook app

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Pozitude Facebook app launched

Cite have just launched a new Facebook app called “Stamp out Stigma” for Pozitude, a charity that helps teenagers living with an HIV positive status.
Pozitude Facebook App

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Pozitude Nominated for Digital Heroes Awards

Cite are so happy to announce that our client, Pozitude, has been nominated for this year’s national Digital Heroes Awards.  With a chance to be awarded up to £15,000, Pozitude needs your vote to make it happen.

Visit the Pozitude website

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New Weight Watchers Facebook Competition Launched

We’ve just launched a Facebook app for Weight Watchers called “Share Your Success Story.”  The app invites users to share photos of their weight loss with a chance to become the face of Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers Facebook App "Share Your Success Story"

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NHS Confederation Facebook App Launched

Our app developers have been very busy this week and the hard work has paid off.  We’ve just launched a Facebook app for the NHS Confederation called “Flu Fighter,” which encourages its employees to get flu jabs this winter.

NHS Confederation Facebook App

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