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Helping brands communicate with CoreMedia CMS

We specialise in providing busy brands and organisations with CoreMedia CMS support. Thanks to our content creation and management expertise, Cite can free-up your internal team to focus on what’s really important to achieving your business goals.

The benefits

Creativity, technical know-how and attention to detail ensure your CoreMedia website is properly managed and maintained. Whatever the content requirement, the Cite team are experienced in delivering and surpassing expectations – not only meeting your needs but generating additional options.

  • Save time and resource – focus on what’s important
  • Maintain quality control and brand consistency
  • Move fast with content updates

Case study: Continental Tyres

Cite have been providing an array of digital marketing expertise to Continental Tyres for more than 15 years, including the day-to-day content management of all their CoreMedia CMS websites across multiple brands.

Coremedia CMS

CoreMedia CMS screengrab

Our experience of the CoreMedia CMS and our understanding of Continental’s brand not only ensures that we deliver a consistent, ‘always on’ level of service, but that their marcomms team are freed up to focus on their wider marketing strategy.

The work is diverse; copywriting, image creation, page layout, on-page search optimisation and essential website housekeeping. But there’s more. We were at the heart of a recent restructuring of the website, working hand-in-hand with both the UK marcomms and global technical teams, and responsible for delivering the new website content structure across both UK and Ireland websites.

“The team at Cite are an extension of Continental’s UK marketing department. They have been fundamental to maintaining our UK web presence using the Coremedia CMS over the past 15 years, covering our entire family of brands. They are responsive and efficient. We’d be a bit lost without them to be honest!”

Laura Johnston – Continental Tyres Brand Manager (UK)

Your extended marketing team

Our CoreMedia CMS expertise goes beyond simply populating, updating and originating written and visual content within your established website templates. We appreciate the importance of delivering content that distinguishes our clients from their competition.

  • Shaping, prepping and proofing your existing content
  • Ideation and authoring of new content ideas
  • Creation of graphic assets, artworks and schematics
  • SEO optimisation to drive traffic and sales leads
  • Social media management
  • Digital marketing consultation

Why we’re your perfect Coremedia CMS partner

  • Experience – we have been using the CoreMedia CMS for 15+ years
  • Agency team – we have 18 digital content specialists under one roof
  • Content experts – we understand content marketing and how it drives brand awareness and sales

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