Financial & Professional Services

Why investing in brand yields dividends.

Financial and professional service businesses present a distinct marketing and creative challenge. When tight regulatory standards are combined with reserved company culture, it’s not surprising that all too often, brand individuality becomes heavily diluted.

But at Cite, we believe that when time, energy and creative intelligence are properly invested, distinctive brand truths will always surface – and these truths will provide the essence we need to set you apart from the competition. 

Cite is a creative agency that has worked within the banking, insurance and investment management sectors for over 15 years. Our team have planned, delivered and managed outstanding consumer and business-facing campaigns for some of the biggest names in the industry including American Express, Barclays, Cambridge and Counties, Grant Thornton and Santander Commercial and Corporate.

Working with industry-leaders in finance.

Cite has supported improving access to cash across the UK.

As a result of their campaigns, we’ve reached millions of people, connected with communities across the country and improved access to cash as well.

Nick QuinnHead of Financial Inclusion.