About the client

Elis is an international multi-service provider, offering workwear, hygiene and facility services solutions. A global brand, they employ more than 45,000 professionals, across 28 countries and provide their services to more than 240,000 businesses ranging from SMEs to national corporations.

Challenge one

Raising Elis’ brand awareness in the UK

We were tasked to deliver two simple key business objectives: Increase Elis’ brand presence in the UK market and generate new opportunities for the lead-hungry sales team. The main challenge was the fact Elis (formally Berendsen) are not well known in the UK market and have limited in-house marketing resources.

Implementing a strategic campaign plan

Building targeted landing pages was one thing but driving traffic to them was another. With GDPR and the difficulty of finding accurate industry data for email marketing, we instead focused on advertising and used various channels/methods including LinkedIn, Facebook, PPC, remarketing and display. LinkedIn gave us the option to precision target – building a series of prospects, while PPC allowed us to reach a wider audience actively looking for the services Elis offered.

Building dynamic PPC Campaigns

We’ve continued to monitor and optimise the campaigns post-launch to ensure performance is maximised. With PPC in particular, we’ve tested multiple ad formats along with dynamic keyword insertion. Every ad group targets a new segment and audience, each of which has delivered high value leads.

Cite were able to provide us with clear strategic direction and the results we achieved have well surpassed our expectations.

Susie Wells

Marketing Campaign Manager, Elis

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