How we helped

Headquartered in Oslo, and with offices across Europe, Techstep provides complete hardware and software solutions for organizations dependent on enterprise-grade mobile technologies – driving efficiency and keeping workforces and data secure.

Through strategic acquisitions, Techstep have grown rapidly and dramatically expanded their solution portfolio. Rapid change inevitably brings its own challenges though – particularly around creating and communicating a single brand vision and voice.

Having reached a pivotal point in their growth, the company’s new CEO, Børge Astrup, appointed Cite to help develop a fresh brand strategy. Our remit was to identify and articulate the company’s unique market proposition; to create a completely new brand identity; and develop the toolkit needed to embed the new brand across the organization.

People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.
– Seth Godin

To be believable, a brand proposition, story and identity must be built on rock-solid truths. Our role is to mine those truths and bring them to the surface. Our structured approach involves working very closely with business leaders and supporting our analysis through research and insight. The results never fail to impress!

During a series of workshop exercises, our brand specialists enabled Techstep’s leadership team to share their aspirations and challenges. Informed by competitor analysis and workforce surveys, we carefully rebuilt Techstep’s brand architecture, articulating the vision, mission, values and personalities that sit at the heart of their story.

Essence of the brand

A new visual identity followed that carefully reflects the essence of the brand, and to keep everything in check, we designed and build a dedicated microsite that houses all their brand assets and provides clear usage guidance to Techsteps design and technical partners.

A guiding partner

During January 2022, Børge Astrup held five online presentations to Techstep’s global workforce. The event was conducted over a five day period, beginning with the new brand’s big-reveal. Cite helped orchestrate the event and produced a dramatic brand video, designed to bring the new identity to life.

A new website

During this busy period, we lent creative direction to Techstep’s new website and work closely with the product development team to refine and optimize the product offer.

Working with Cite is always a pleasure.

The team’s competence, creativity and depth of experience has been critical to helping us shape our overarching brand proposition!

Børge Astrup

CEO, Techstep

Thanks for reading.

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How we helped

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