Multinational Companies

International brands targeting the UK market

We have a long history of working with global B2B organisations, helping them maximise the impact of global campaigns for the UK market.

Learn about our work with Continental Tyres

Proud to be Continental's extended digital team for the past 15 years.

Learn about our work with Puzzel

Promoting an international technology brand with disruptive digital marketing campaigns.

Learn about our work with Elis

Lead generation and raising brand awareness through integrated digital marketing activities

Learn about our work with ABB

Adapting global digital marketing campaigns for a UK audience.

The digital agency for B2B multinational companies

We work with many UK marketing departments, who form a single strand of a much larger, global marketing division. Often, campaigns are devised centrally and pushed out across all regions (or countries). Sometimes this throws up cultural differences that don’t resonate with UK audiences. We are engaged to help localise and promote these campaigns in the UK, as well as develop digital campaigns and platforms specifically for the UK market. If you need expertise in this area, we position ourselves as your extended digital marketing team.

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“Cite is one of those rare agencies that always deliver on their promises. Their creative and technical talent is matched with detail and an incredible management ethos. Projects are always on time, on budget, properly tested and ready for the brutality of the real-world.”

Oda Mo