Cite updates Gatwick Airport Facebook tab

Gatwick Facebook tab

Readers of our blog may recall that in the past we launched a Facebook tab for Gatwick Airport to promote its parking services. Recently we updated that tab so it reflects Gatwick’s new branding and includes more current information.

Rather than build the information tab from scratch, we reskinned the existing tab with a new design. Not only did this save time, but it also allowed us to deliver the project within budget.

The design now includes Gatwick’s new black and yellow colour scheme, and updated photography. The improved Frequently Asked Questions section houses more content to help visitors learn more about the parking services.

Although the tab retains the same functionality as before, the update helps give it a consistency with Gatwick Airport’s other digital marketing, which is important in any digital strategy.

Check out the Gatwick Airport tab and let us know what you think.

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