Introducing Pinterest Analytics

The launch of an online marketing campaign is an exciting time for any business. Whether it’s a new website, social media strategy or email newsletter, it is important to monitor the progress of the campaign on a regular basis so all the hard work that has gone into it is not in vain. From Google Analytics to Facebook Insights, there are a so many great tools available to see how your audience is engaging with your company online, and recently Pinterest introduced its own analytics tool for businesses.

pinterest analytics

Over the last year Pinterest has become a major player in social media campaign. In addition to seeing a 786% increase in traffic from UK users in 2012, it also drives more website visits than Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ combined!  Now, Pinterest Analytics lets businesses see how content from their website is being added to Pinterest.

In order to access Pinterest Analytics, a business must first verify the website address on their profile. To view Pinterest Analytics, simply select it from the main drop-down menu at the top right of your profile.

Pinterest Analytics is made up of four graphs: Pins, Repins, Impressions, and Clicks, all of which give you insight in how users are engaging with your content on Pinterest. The graphs contain information on actions taken as well as the number of people who took those actions. Users can change the date range for each graph which helps monitor short-term campaigns or long-term trends. Users can also download information in a CSV file.

Pinterest Analytics also breaks down the individual pins by popularity, so digital marketers can keep track of what’s been pinned, repined and clicked the most. Keep in mind, these are pins generated from your website, not pins you’ve put up, which means you’ll be able to get a real sense of what content from your website interests people on Pinterest. You are also able to see what other pins people have pinned, which gives you a better sense of your followers and the other content that inspires them.

We’re really excited about this new tool from Pinterest and would recommend it as part of any social media strategy.

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