Love is in the air

… and it smells of online marketing opportunity.

When online designer lingerie retailer, Mio Destino asked us to think of some creative ideas for this year’s Valentine’s day promotion we came up with the ambitious task of generating the World’s Longest Online Love Poem! This record breaking task was a first for our online marketing team, but they’re always up for a challenge and prepared to channel their inner Shakespeare.

The poem is located on the Mio Destino website and visitors are invited to stake their place in history (beating the 7500 verse record set by a Frenchman in 2006), by contributing a verse or two to the project. And because we’re such romantics, participants can even dedicated their contribution to their beloved.

Along with the huge PR interest the project has generated, it’s an opportunity to create a link within Wikipedia which usually frowns on commercial entries (this is different. this is art!).

We’ll let you know how this online marketing effort gets on, in the meantime, let us know if you’ve got an idea that you want us to help you get off the ground.