Online marketing is a long term commitment

Online Marketing is a process, rather than a quick fix, and online marketing strategies that remain consistent and efficient over a period of time will help improve a business’s web presence.  One great example is our online marketing work for Send Optics, an online sunglasses retailer.

Send Optics uses Online Marketing

Our online marketing for Send Optics spans a couple of years and during that time we carried out a variety of digital marketing techniques, including blogging, link building, and creating targeted landing pages.  By using a variety of different techniques, we were able to develop a consistent message across multiple platforms, reaching target audiences through their preferred online methods.

In addition, we’ve assisted the company with creating online marketing campaigns, including developing innovative ideas that would attract people to the site, creating topical graphic panels with incentivised titles, and using high quality imagery to enhance the user experience.

The combination of all our efforts has helped Send Optics successfully increase traffic to its website, improve its brand awareness, and reach its online marketing goals.

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