Tools that help you spy on your competitors social media

Most marketing departments are happy to get anything out of the door when it comes to social media. But what if you knew what was working for your closest competitors? Could you use this information to help improve the performance of your next campaign? Maybe your competitors aren’t active on social media at all, highlighting an opportunity to reach an untouched audience. Here we shine the spotlight on two tools that will give you a detailed review of how you’re performing, and help you spy on your competitor’s social media campaigns.

1. Twitonomy

Get Twitter analytics for any user as well as insights into your mentions and retweets with Twitonomy.

This is useful data that can be used to improve your social media campaigns, but it also has the added benefit of being able to spy on the competition, and gauge what they are doing well, and how you could implement some of this knowledge in your next campaign.

Twitonomy provides an easy to use dashboard:

social media analytics

You can also find out which tweets your audience is engaging with most:

social media engagement

A paid version of Twitonomy allows you to download more data, but as a starting point, the free version provides you with what you need to improve your Twitter profile.

2.  LikeAlyzer

LikeAlyzer is the Facebook equivalent to Twitonomy.

LikeAlyzer will offer the raw data, but in addition, will offer where your campaign could improve. It will grade your page and benchmark it against other Facebook pages within your industry.


LikeAlyzer will also provide top level metrics such as page likes, engagement, and posts per day, these statistics are fairly easy to come by. However, if you dig a little deeper you will also find these gems:

  • When to post – Advising what time of day your followers seem to be most active
  • How varied your posts are – Highlighting whether you are striking a correct balance between image and link posts. By having a good variety in your posts, your fans never get bored and they can always expect something new and exciting.
  • The length of your posts – Are you writing posts that are too long, LikeAlyzer will review all previous posts and indicate whether you’re hitting the sweet spot

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