What is Quora?

We’ve all heard of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but what about the other social networks out there? As more and more websites jump on the social media bandwagon, we thought we’d highlight one of our favourites: Quora



Quora is a social network based on the collaborative effort of asking and answering questions.  The idea is to create a database of “accumulating knowledge” so Quora becomes the primary resource of information on any question.

Like other social networks, people create their own profiles from which they can ask, answer, and edit questions.  Members can follow categories that they are interested in, and relevant questions appear on their news feed as they are written.  You can also follow individual questions so you’ll always know when new information has been added.

Quora’s search function allows you to look for questions using keywords, or topic categories.  If the question you are looking for doesn’t already exist, you can write it for others to answer.  Many questions receive multiple answers, so Quora also lets members rate them in order to determine which one is the most useful.

Founded by two former Facebook employees, Quora was launched in June 2010.  While it has yet to reach the number of members some of the major social networks have, the Quora community is quite active in generating a website of reliable and useful information.

So whether you want the scope on the latest batman movie or need help understanding the complex concepts of existentialism, you’ll get an answer on Quora.  Give Quora a try and let us know what you think.