Reporting and marketing metrics

Data-driven decision making

From a new website or mobile app to a fully integrated marketing campaign, analytics and data give you the power to make informed decisions. We ensure that you are equipped with accurate insight reports to help improve, enhance and grow your digital platforms and digital marketing activity.

Reporting the right things

Goodbye vanity metrics. There is a wealth of information available to you, but we report the results that matter most. Through SEO audits and reporting, PPC and paid digital marketing analytics and social media insights, we’ll help measure and track the effectiveness of your digital campaigns, based on your KPIs and business objectives. We focus on the data that will help you make actionable decisions, such as click through and bounce rates, email campaign open rates and user conversions – not just those which will ‘rose tint’ your activity.

Tailored dashboard reporting

We can create custom dashboard reports combining data from multiple sources to give you all the information you need on KPIs in one place. As a certified Google Partner, we have access to the full suite of tools from the Google Data studio and can customise data from multiple channels into a single view.

Our fully customised reports can show performance of PPC, SEO, websites, ecommerce online sales, email campaigns and social media activity in a single screen. This gives you real time, instant access to your data, allowing you to compare results and track progress over time and respond accordingly.

Support and optimisation

We’ll provide you with clear guidance, advice and consultantcy to ensure you get the best insights from your reporting. We can help you implement and configure Google Analytics to get the most meaningful metrics from your digital marketing.

By scheduling reports and regularly reviewing your activity and we’ll offer recommendations based on the findings to help shape the direction of your overall digital strategy and optimise your ongoing digital marketing activity and campaigns.

What we offer:

  • Advice and consultancy
  • SEO audits and reporting
  • Marketing analytics
  • Social media analytics and reporting
  • Google data studio reports
  • Custom Google reports
  • Google Analytics set up and implementation
  • Training

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Robust reporting helps to:

  • Track progress against KPIs
  • Measure and report return on investment (ROI)
  • Generate factual data to inform decision making
  • Helps manage the performance of each marketing channel
  • Removes guesswork and personal bias
  • Enables adjustments to be made to activity to improve performance
  • Set benchmarks for new campaigns or regular activity
  • Maximise marketing budgets