Social media

Ideation and management of your social content

Social media gives you immediate access to your customer base. It also provides a way for your customers to interact directly you and ideally become brand advocates. Selecting the right social channels forms part of your overall digital strategy. It offers multiple opportunities to build your following, engage with your audience and gain useful insights.

Managing social media marketing

With multiple digital channels and an ‘always on’ mentality from your customers, effectively managing social media takes time and dedicated resources. We know that marketing teams are often strapped for time or lack specific digital skills to deliver a dedicated, engaging and authentic social media content consistently. That’s where we can help you develop your online presence and maximise the impact of your social content.

Social strategy

Developing a solid social media strategy that fits your overall marketing objectives is beneficial to SEO, customer service, building your online reputation and uncovering new topics and trends to develop new content for search.

Through a mixture of social media audits, social listening, keyword research, campaign planning, creative content, show and exhibition support, paid advertising and community management, we can help you create meaningful connections with your target audience to maximise your budget and resources and amplify your brand.

What we offer:

  • Customer profiling
  • Advice and consultancy
  • Social media strategy
  • Campaign planning
  • Social media audit
  • Content creation
  • Paid advertising
  • Social listening

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Social media strategy –the benefits:

  • Establishing your brand as an authority
  • Promoting products and services or campaigns and offers
  • Increasing your brand awareness and improving recognition
  • Generating inbound traffic to your website or blog
  • Improving your search engine page rank, SEO strategy and contributing to link building
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Better customer service, overall satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • A cost effective way to reach high volumes of customers
  • The ability to run very specific, targeted campaigns
  • Gaining insights and data about your audience through social listening
  • Retargeting and Search Marketing using a profile of your social customers
  • Creating easily shareable and potentially viral content
  • Easily optimising content and channel performance through AB testing