Systems Integration and CRM

Digital transformation to get systems talking

In this digital era, the need to get technology platforms talking to each other has become the norm rather than the exception. Large organisations can benefit from integrating multiple business systems to increase efficiency and improve your customer and employee experience.

Effectively integrating your marketing, sales and service functions with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system makes it easier for employees to work together and share vital information to provide the best digital customer experience.

Integrating technology

We’ve been integrating technical systems with relevant digital platforms for two decades. Experts in customising CRM systems for unique business needs, we can make them do clever things they didn’t do before. We think laterally about software and bridging integrations to ensure third party systems can talk to one another.

Our tech team can link online marketing tools such as HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, Infusionsoft, Salesforce and MS Dynamics to manage leads and marketing data, to drive email and landing page campaigns. Or, we can get really technical and take back office systems that are not typically designed with data sharing in mind and custom build platforms to incorporate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, accountancy packages or general business operations.

What we can integrate:

  • CRM – Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Capsule,
  • Email marketing & automation – Infusionsoft, HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, Dotmailer, Mailchimp
  • Third party APIs – Using REST, SOAP, JSON, XML
  • Bespoke integrations – custom platform and back-office systems
  • Social platforms – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Periscope
  • Bespoke API creation – Using Laravel and Symfony
  • Automations – Zapier, IFTTT

Diplomacy and technical knowhow

From projects all over the world we have developer expertise in working closely with internal IT departments who can be fearful of opening up their systems to the outside world and rightly so. We have the technical know how to talk to in house teams, coupled with the diplomacy required not to tread on any toes.

Do you need technical support to get your systems talking?

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Integrating IT systems gives you the tools to:

  • Understand your customer preferences
  • Build better relationships internally and externally
  • Manage your relationship with your customer
  • Manage the sales funnel and you sales pipeline
  • Accurately predict customers buying needs
  • Improve customer service by making staff aware of all the customer interactions
  • Make better decision about customers and marketing activities, based on facts and insights
  • Give staff more customer time rather than administrative tasks
  • Increase customer retention and conversion rates
  • Improve live information sharing through your website, such as events or courses
  • Develop new products or services that your customers are looking for
  • Improve efficiency by reducing data entry duplication
  • Implement automated workflow to reduced repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing you up to spend more time on strategic marketing
  • Capture meaningful data on your customers and their behaviour patterns