The client

German brand Continental Tyres is the fourth-largest tyre manufacturer in the world. It operates from 554 locations in 60 countries. Conti has roughly 235,000 employees and reported sales of around €44 billion in 2017.

The projects

Since 2004 we’ve worked with the UK marketing team on a range of digital projects from product and campaign microsites to mobile-friendly web apps. We’re very proud to be the digital agency that has consistently introduced the latest online technologies to help promote the Conti brand in the UK.

How we helped

  • Mobile and responsive design
  • Facebook applications
  • Blogging
  • Advice and technical consultancy
  • Information architecture

Establishing an online presence in the UK

Working with our friends at Periscope, we were originally commissioned to help set up, Continental’s UK online presence. This was initially established over three core sites: UK Corporate, Passenger Cars and Commercial. We continue to support these sites and over the years have launched a number of other brand sites for General Tire, Uniroyal, Matador, Semperit and Conti Industrial tyres.


continental tyres website mockups

continental tyres brands

The Conti Tyrefinder App

This web app allows consumers to find a Conti tyre for their vehicle by searching a car manufacturer, tyre size or number plate. The site queries DVLA data to establish the correct tyre size for the vehicle and then cross-references Conti’s product database to return the appropriate tyres.

We launched a dedicated mobile version which detects the user’s device and ensures the correct version is shown to provide a properly optimised experience. We wireframed and tested user journeys prior to creative and production. This release also included consumer information regarding EU tyre labelling.


continental tyres find your tyre

Campaign Microsites

We have created a number of UK microsites for Conti over the years, from product launches to campaign pieces. Conti were previously sponsors of both the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Champions League, and much of their marketing activity has dovetailed accordingly.

Safety is another key message – the Tyres For Life microsite we created for them was the first time the brand used integrated social media content in the UK.

continental tyres soccerworld

continental tyres world cup challenge

continental tyres dancing on ice

Content marketing

The Conti blog

We were invited to make suggestions around SEO and content marketing for the brand in the UK – the first recommendation was to create a blog aimed at consumers, with sharable, high-quality content created by key staff within the organisation.

continental tyres contiblog

EURO 2016

In recent years we have expanded our digital services to cover content strategy and creation. Our writing team were engaged as a resource to create a series of content pages for Continental in the UK – which we built within Conti’s CoreMedia CMS via our VPN connection to Hannover.

continental tyres euro2016

Vision Zero

Much of our content creation for Conti is based on first-hand experience of attending their events and promotional activities. This allows the Cite team to immerse itself in a hands-on real-world perspective of Conti’s offering, to better understand and communicate essential messaging.

continental tyres vison zero

continental tyres brands 2

Retailer content

We are currently working with Continental to originate and deliver a bespoke Retailer Content Marketing programme for 2017. Project activities include retailer research, reporting, content strategy, content creation, image creation, on-page / search engine optimisation (SEO).

continental tyres and asda tyres