Working with Kenwood

Since 2013, we’ve worked with Kenwood on a wide range of projects. The work ranges from research and insight pieces, through to creative solutions for new product launches and internal communications.

Our team has built up a wealth of understanding about the Kenwood brand, developing a rich knowledge of their markets, both here in the UK as well as territories around the world.

Here are some of the projects and campaigns we’re proud to have been involved with…

How we helped

  • Research & Insight
  • Brand Development
  • Creative Campaigns
  • Advertising
  • Video Production

“Their collaborative approach is like having an extended team. Laura has built up a solid understanding of our business objectives and offers strategically sound solutions that challenges conventional thinking. The proposition development they delivered for our mixer category was an invaluable contribution to a vital project. They are flexible, 100% reliable and a pleasure to work with.”

Jane Perry, Global Marketing Director


Global Research

It can take years to bring a new product to market. The process often involves vast amounts of research and development before finally creating and launching a viable product that will prove successful.

We have worked with a number of different brands supporting them in this field, and have found ourselves dotted around the globe in Australia, France, China and beyond, endeavouring to understand the potential of soon to be launched Kenwood products.


The journey

Our worldwide journey started back in 2013, in the UK and France, with qualitative market research; gathering insights into the overall appeal of a new Kenwood kitchen machine. Following a comprehensive online study, consumer focus groups and a series of in-depth interviews with small restaurant owners and Chefs, we were able to benchmark the new product against competitors.

We could then also test initial reaction to the product, including design appeal, purchase intent and price point markers, as well as gaining inspiration for the product’s name. Research insights were incredibly useful for Kenwood who used them to further their development of the product as well as the future marketing story and global strategy.

Our next challenge was to understand how to communicate the features and benefits of the product across a broader market, specifically the Asia-Pacific and Australasia regions. To do this we developed a series of compelling marketing stories, different presentational approaches, and tested these using online surveys and focus groups across Australia, China, South Korea as well as Italy and Germany. Deploying carefully written algorithms on our web platform, we were able to target specific consumer segments, and by using simultaneous video streams we were able to live broadcast the focus groups back to the UK – even if it did mean getting the client team up at 4am to tune in!

Ultimately the research yielded two clear, but very different marketing strategies for the new product. Taking on board consumer feedback, we were able to help refine and improve the product specifications as well as developing what we refer to as ‘adcepts’ (early advertising concepts).

Creative Campaigns

Christmas gifting ideas

The Kenwood Cooking Chef is a high-end, premium product in the range of Kenwood Chef multi-functional stand mixers. It’s a machine of endless possibilities – the collateral we produced had to have the flexibility to match.

One of the unique features is the addition of an induction heating base alongside pre-set cooking programmes which means the Cooking Chef can be used as a fully functional cooking machine.

The cooking versatility of the product means it can be used to create dishes that require gentle heating or melting, as well as full meals such as hearty stews, curries, pie fillings and much more.

One of the unique features is the addition of an induction heating base alongside pre-set cooking programmes which means the Cooking Chef can be used as a fully functional cooking machine.

The cooking versatility of the product means it can be used to create dishes that require gentle heating or melting, as well as full meals such as hearty stews, curries, pie fillings and much more.

Our task was to demonstrate the full versatility of the product showcasing its USPs, as well as communicating that despite appearances as a stand mixer, the product has so much more to offer.

The campaign strapline ‘Endless Possibilities’ was used to convey the full flexibility of the product. A set of images was created showing the end user in her kitchen imaging the endless possibilities she can create with the multi-purpose machine.

We carried out a couple of photoshoots and made a series of films to showcase the variety of dishes. To ensure the campaign was suitable to be used across a range of global markets, we consulted different countries on suitable dishes to showcase within the campaign. The recipes ranged from fish wellington, to Christmas Stollen, vegetable tagine to ginger jam.

Our target consumer across the globe was one who appreciated and valued good food, real ingredients and wholesome, nutritious and tasty homemade food. They loved to cook for others and see them enjoy and appreciate the food they have created.

Campaign assets for the global team, alongside photography and films were then created. Several assets including press ad templates, advertorials, social graphics, film cut downs, boomerangs and cinemagraph were produced. All assets were then supplied in such a way that they could be adapted to translate by local markets into their own language.

In the films we created, focus was given to the digital screen of the Cooking Chef, showing the different programmes, wide temperature range and key functions of the machine, whilst at the same time providing inspiration for the accomplished home cook.

Kenwood kMix – Express Yourself

The Kenwood kMix range includes 11 different products in 4 different colours but, following a brand refresh, the ‘spicy red’ colour was to be used as brand ‘hero’ in a new marketing campaign. We were briefed to develop impactful creative that could be used to promote the full range across global markets, as well as having the flexibility to work across a variety of platforms.

Kenwood Triblade System

When Kenwood released their new Triblade System they needed a campaign to help launch it. We were engaged to develop a concept to articulate the essence and capabilities of this premium appliance to consumers who demand a superior level of performance – hence the strapline ‘Meets the highest of standards: Yours.’

We further emphasised the three blade technology visually by dividing the top down photography into three sectors, using each one to illustrate a different stage of food preparation and add appetite appeal.

Kenwood CHEF Titanium

The new CHEF Titanium was set to re-affirm Kenwood as the leading brand for premium, multi-function kitchen machines. Extensive global research had identified clear segmentation between emerging and established markets and this needed to be factored into a new creative media campaign.

We were briefed to create a campaign to both communicate and promote the launch of the CHEF Titanium; specifically focussing on innovative new product features such as the in-bowl light. Clear and consistent creative direction and tone of voice was paramount.

We developed the ‘Power to Inspire’ campaign which drew upon the Titanium’s superlative technical specifications and the creative culinary potential they could unleash. This was brought to life across a range of marketing collateral including digital ads, print ads and advertorials and recipe videos, underpinned by a strong social media strategy. We also produced a clear and concise campaign bible to ensure implementation was consistent across global markets.

Internal Communications

Conference Videos

Every year, Kenwood De’Longhi colleagues from all around the world, meet for their annual conference in Italy. This is the company’s opportunity to showcase upcoming new products, learn from each other, and have a general powwow on all things Kenwood De’Longhi. This is also each team’s chance to wow their colleagues – a snazzy PowerPoint just isn’t going to cut the mustard.

With this in mind, we were given the challenge of creating something truly special for the team behind the forthcoming ‘Chef Titanium’ mixer. This wasn’t ‘just another mixer’, so the team wanted to go all out to demonstrate its Power, Versatility and Endurance – the three main USPs of the product.


The Chef Titanium packs an impressive 1500W of power, but how could we best visualise this? Simply showing the product buzzing away wasn’t going to get this across – we needed something… bigger. When one of the team asked half-joking, ‘could it pull a car?’, we just had to find out! We did the maths and realised it could (theoretically) pull two cars. We pitched the idea and they loved it.

There were more logistics to consider than you would normally encounter on a regular food mixture promo shoot (it isn’t normally necessary to chain the mixer to the wall, for example); however, the end result, stylishly shot with plenty of imaginative angles, including one from a drone hovering above, delighted the audience. The film was so well received that it was recreated live on-stage at the event, which we took as the highest praise.


The goal of this piece was to show how the Chef Titanium has the endurance to survive whatever you throw at it. It’s been put through its paces with over 15,000 hours of testing – how could we reflect this in a 100 second ad? We returned to the kitchen for this film, which uses time-lapse photography to illustrate a full day’s use, culminating in an amazing array of cakes, breads and other delicacies.

We ensured realism in the film by using an actor with a passion for cooking, so the end result is a convincingly-executed (if dramatically accelerated) day’s baking and cooking.


The third and final aspect of the Chef Titanium that the client wanted to convey was precision – the mixer gives the user remarkable control of its functionality, allowing them to achieve extremely precise results.

Here we went for simplicity: a single shot showing the Chef Titanium being lowered into place with (you guessed it!) extremely precise results.

While the resulting film was a lot more low-key than its siblings, the client loved the impact and satisfaction of the film.