The client

Monika is a leading manufacturer of mobile food safety, policy and compliance management systems which provide paper-free solutions for the food, clinical and perishable products sectors.

The projects

Monika ‘found us’ in 2013 as a result of searching for a local WordPress specialist who could help improve their website. This was the start of a very successful working relationship. Since then we have worked with them to

  • Design and develop a new website,
  • Create a new web client
  • Art directed photography
  • Relaunch a website

How we helped

  • Planning and Consultancy
  • Website development (web design and build)
  • Art direction
  • Site architecture
  • User journey
  • UI/UX
  • Prototyping



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“The Cite team were all incredibly helpful, flexible and full of great ideas which made the whole process run smoothly. I was impressed by everyone’s interest in the project, and willingness to get involved – even helping us out with photography. Particular thanks to our account manager, Ravi, who was fab to work with.”

Kathryn Greaves

Group Marketing Executive

Improving the Online Proposition

Monika initially wanted to make improvements to their current site to move it from being a pure product catalogue to being more service focused. Working closely with the senior management team, it became clear that the messages we needed to communicate were more complex. Rather than simply updating the current site, the best long term strategy was to design a new site that could get to grips with Monika’s exciting core proposition. This extended far beyond temperature monitoring alone.

monika desktop mockups

Together with Monika’s sales and marketing teams, we guided the process of writing the creative brief, defining user-journeys, directing photography, and setting the tone of voice.
monika how it works

The key challenge the site needed to overcome, in a time where digital was still emerging, was to encourage customers to go paperless and digitally keep track of processes. We pushed the boundaries of using tech for food standards and hygiene, and convinced the market of the core benefit of using Monika software.

monika safety monitoring

At the time, the market was still transitioning from paper-based systems to digital, so we needed to think how we could creatively explain the benefits of screen and device-based media. Video and HTML5-based animations provided brilliant visual impact and very effective means to put this vital message across.

monika pathfinder

Creating the Monika Web Client Application

The purpose of the Monika Web Client Application is for clients to measure, track and control temperature in various environments. We developed a version for Monika to run via a web browser. Previously, the software was only available as a PC desktop application.

monika statistics

Enterprise level brands including leading retailers use the software to monitor equipment such as fridges, freezers and cold rooms using Monika temperature and diagnostic sensors. These brands have access to full dashboard reports and can quickly analyse how people and equipment are performing, to identify training and maintenance issues, resulting in a reduction in wasted time.

monika app

Key features include

  • Real time temperature monitoring and reporting
  • Dynamic charts and graphs
  • The ability to export PDF reports
  • Scalable timeline view of schedules and tasks

Ongoing, the software is updated with a new phase of development every 12-18 months, working closely with internal teams to leverage new functionality.

monika features on tablet

Website Relaunch

In 2018, Monika launched an exciting range of modern Android-based hardware that’s fully scalable, from hipster coffee shops to enterprise level multisites. The website needed to appeal to two distinctively different audiences, and strengthen Monika’s position in the market. In addition to effectively introducing the new product range and targeting smaller business’, it needed to reflect Monika’s new branding.

monika web app in cafe

The look and feel of the site was one thing, but we needed clear messaging and a site architecture that could easily guide each of the user groups to the products that were relevant. We worked with Monika to introduce two new products; Monika Prime and Monika Go.

Focusing on the following key sections of the site

  • Monika Prime (new section, new product name)
  • Monika Go (new section, new product name)
  • Updated styling to match updated branding.
monika website online

The results

Increase in average session duration
Session Increase
Uplift in page views
Increase in pages per session
monika web app in use