About Motimate

Motimate is an award-winning, Norwegian based technology brand that has been busy changing the way people learn, since 2017. Motimate’s mobile app takes a whole new approach to corporate learning and sharing knowledge, combining compelling content with the excitement of gamification. 

In April 2021, Motimate was acquired by Kahoot!, the world’s leading game-based learning platform that is on a mission to make learning awesome!

Like many successful tech companies, Motimate had been on an accelerating growth curve since its inception. Nobody would deny that the brand certainly stood out, but its look, feel and voice lacked cohesion and direction. The company’s high-energy, quirky style was fighting with an ever-present minty green hue, and the language used across communication channels wasn’t resonating with target audiences.

As we had previously worked with members of the Senior Management Team, Motimate knew that Cite was up to the task of consolidating the brand strategy and architecture; and creating a flagship website that would present their proposition and showcase case studies.

How we helped

  • Tone of Voice
  • Brand Story
  • Website Design & Development
  • Internal Comms
  • Social Media Assets
  • Ongoing Marketing Support


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The brief

Ordinarily, we would expect to develop a major piece of brand architecture and strategy well in advance of any deliverables such as the website. But Motimate is no ordinary company, and time pressures meant the new website would need to be delivered in tandem. This would require extremely well-coordinated planning across all teams, both agency and client-side.

Step 1: Sprint workshops

At Cite, we believe there should be a golden thread that runs through insight, creativity and strategic thinking. In the context of this project it meant beginning with the dreams, ideas and aspirations of Motimate’s Senior Management Team. The challenge now was how to extract all that valuable information when our teams are physically separated by 1,000 Km of Northern Sea, and compounded by lockdowns?

Fortunately, help was at hand in the form of Miro.com – our favourite online collaboration tool. Miro enabled us to re-create online versions of the exercises we use in the physical world, to help clients articulate their plans and vision.

The information we extracted during these sessions shaped the creative and technical briefs for our web teams; and provided a foundation for the brand strategy team’s architectural direction.

Stage 2: Temples, architecture, voice and story

Brands that demonstrate authenticity and a sense of purpose will always stand out from the competition. Our role is to enable brands to understand the vision, mission, values and personalities that sit at the heart of their story. We base our process on building a Brand Temple – a proven methodology that has consistently delivered great success. 

Getting to this point is akin to the process of distillation. At the workshop stage, we capture every morsel of information that we can through a series of exercises, classically beginning with Simon Sinek’s Why, How, What? During these exercises, we probe the team for both individual and collaborative responses in the hope of gradually revealing the organisation’s hidden truths.

In the case of Motimate, we were able to extend collaboration even further when we invited all employees to participate in a couple of choice exercises during a company-wide event that coincided around the same time.

Following on from the workshops, our team began the complex tasks of analysing the outputs and seeking the core themes that inevitably run through such rich content.

Gradually, as these themes reveal themselves and patterns emerge, we begin constructing the architecture:

  • Vision: A clear statement of intent. The directional steer of what a brand is trying to achieve
  • Mission: How we are going to get there
  • Brand essence: Just one or two words that perfectly sum-up the brand
  • Brand promise: The experience a company’s customers can expect to receive every single time they interact with the brand
  • Brand pillars: What sets the brand apart from competitors
  • Values: The very core of a brand’s belief system, values are a set of guiding principles that underpin everything
  • Personality: A set of quite human characteristics that can be attributed to and lead the tone and feel of the brand

Tone of voice

Motimate’s visual brand identity was strong from the offset – with a distinctive name, logotype and marque. However, what the brand has lacked, was a single, coherent tone of voice. So with our brand architecture firmly nailed, our copywriters and creatives set about developing the perfect pitch, tone, volume and cadence.

The brand story

Finally, all of the branding work was pulled together into a simple brand story.

Stage 3 – a standout website

Although Motimate has always had a distinctive visual identity,  the previous website did a poor job of articulating the brand’s proposition. Language, presentation and general user experience all felt quite disjointed, and the site’s underlying technology (SquareSpace) was very limiting – more suited to lighter weight applications.

Motimate only does one thing, but it does so, exceptionally well and it caters to an incredibly wide audience. This diversity meant we needed to be very focused in our messaging and have clear pathways we wanted users to follow.

The replacement website needed to be tightly knitted into the broader brand strategy and required working concurrently on creative concepts, wireframes and brand experience! Unsurprisingly, coordinating this effort required an exceptional degree of client-agency trust.

During the discovery workshops, we paid particular attention to the business’ commercial goals and the role the website would need to play. This feedback provided the foundation for our creative brief as well as the new site’s proposed structure. The site has been built using WordPress and makes extensive use of modern Guttenberg capabilities so the design has made use of a similar building-block based architecture.

A successful website must carefully balance commercial intention with the user’s experience, so from the outset we made sure that our creative and brand messages enriched every user touchpoint. As the branding work came to life, it was injected directly into the website.


For Motimate, this was an incredibly important and busy time. While we worked on the brand strategy and website, their Senior Management Team were in deep conversation with Kahoot! With regards to the eventual acquisition. We couldn’t perhaps appreciate at the time how vital a role our work needed to perform. It was also a testament to how close the bond between agency and client can get.

“Working with Cite has been a great experience as they really understood our requirements and direction we wanted to go. The team has proven time and again to be among the best agencies and most creative, effective designers, developers and project managers I have ever worked with. Cite’s availability, dedication and attention to detail are a tremendous asset to us as a client. I highly recommend them. I have worked with them on a range of different marketing projects over the past six years and they’ve always provided efficient, high quality, professional services and are a real pleasure to work with.”

Oda Mo,

Marketing Manager