About Parex

Parex is a leading brand of render, making a range of specialist materials for large- and small-scale applications. Historically the brand has been a very sales focussed business, with little or no investment in marketing. As such, the understanding of the Parex brand and what it stands for in the UK is low, especially amongst those who have no experience of the product.

Parex UK was acquired by Sika in May 2019. Sika has now set aside a UK marketing budget to help raise the brand profile and set Parex on a trajectory for becoming the number one brand in render and faced products by 2024.

The challenge was to help raise awareness of the Parex brand within the UK, create an understanding of what the brand stood for (quality, innovation, technical expertise) and help to ignite interest and ultimately sales in the market.

How we helped

  • Brand Campaign
  • National Press Ads
  • Digital Display & Social Ads
  • Animation
  • Sales Support Documents
  • Colour Guides


Creative Challenge

Branding was the key to this challenge. Firstly, we needed work that would put the name Parex front of mind for our audience – both those who knew and trusted it and those for whom it was new.

Secondly, the visual language had to be flexible enough to evolve, increasing the prominence of Sika branding over time to communicate transition but with no sense of overnight change.

Awareness and recognition of the Parex pillars of quality, innovation and technical expertise was the goal, alongside a reassurance for loyal users that nothing had changed.

The campaign also needed to reaffirm the ‘same great taste’ message. The existing brand association of Parex in the industry was very much one of quality. The last thing Sika wanted to happen was for their customers to think this would change as the branding transitioned.

It was still the same amazing product – and always would be.

There were three key product areas of focus that needed to be highlighted: Monocouche, EWI Systems and Lime Renders.

But it wasn’t just about the products – it was about everything else that comes along with the brand when you buy into Parex: the expertise, the technical support, the training and accreditations.

Creative solution

Our design team developed a number of different campaign ideas, which we presented to the Parex team. These were then shortlisted down to three concepts and developed further.

The chosen campaign used the EX portion of the Parex logo to deliver clear brand, product and service messages in a highly branded way. Meanwhile, the graphic design was crafted to allow for subtle development towards adopting more of the Sika corporate identity, including the signature yellow.

We developed a comprehensive digital media plan that covered Facebook, LinkedIn, display advertising and beyond. Once the six print ads had been approved, these were adapted into both static and animated digital ads.

Then, as the main Sika website was being re-designed, we developed a stand-alone landing page, to drive people to for more information and to sign-up for more information about Parex. We’re delighted to say the results have been EXcellent.

The use of a dedicated landing page solution also allowed us to accurately track the success of the campaign and report on the number of sessions and enquiries generated by the campaign.

The final piece of the puzzle was creating a range of documents for the Parex sales team to use. These also adopted the EX campaign and included colour guides, technical information, presenters and sector-specific sales pieces.


How we helped

  • Brand and product advertising across traditional and digital media
  • Campaign landing page with clear campaign performance tracking
  • Graphic design with built-in flexibility

“During this first project working with Cite, I was delighted by how quickly they developed an understanding of the Parex brand and instinctively got what I was trying to achieve. The creative process was really well handled and resulted in a strong campaign and EXcellent visual treatment! We’re all looking forward to continuing our relationship with Cite on the next phase of this campaign as well as future Sika projects.”

Jennie Lumley

Marketing Manager