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Motimate is an award-winning, Norwegian-based technology brand that has been busy changing the way people learn, since 2017. Motimate’s mobile app takes a whole new approach to corporate learning and knowledge sharing, combining compelling content with the excitement of gamification.

In April 2021, Motimate was acquired by Kahoot!, the world’s leading game-based learning platform, that is on a mission to make learning awesome!

Challenge one

The brand

Motimate had been on an accelerating growth curve since its inception. It’s quirky visual style and its use of a bright, minty-green certainly stood out – but not necessarily for the right reasons. Motimate’s senior team understood the importance of strong brand architecture and were keen to get their language and proposition back on track.

What we did

Brands that demonstrate authenticity and a sense of purpose will always stand out from the competition. Our role is to enable brands to understand the vision, mission, values and personalities that sit at the heart of their story.

Our process begins by understanding the drivers behind the business. Through a series of online exercises, we probe key stakeholders and draw out the organisation’s hidden truths. In fact, in the case of Motimate, we extended participation to include all employees.

Motimate’s visual brand identity was strong from the offset – with a distinctive name, logotype and marque. However, what the brand had lacked was a single, coherent tone of voice. So with our brand architecture firmly nailed, our copywriters and creatives set about developing the perfect pitch, tone, volume and cadence.

Challenge two

A stand-out website

Although Motimate has always had a distinctive visual identity, the previous website did a poor job of articulating the brand’s proposition. Language, presentation and general user experience all felt quite disjointed, and the site’s underlying technology (SquareSpace) was very limiting – more suited to lighter weight applications.

Motimate only does one thing, but it does so exceptionally well – catering to an incredibly wide audience. This diversity meant we needed to be very focused in our messaging, and establish clear pathways we wanted users to follow.

What we did

The replacement website needed to be tightly knitted into the broader brand strategy and required working concurrently on creative concepts, wireframes and brand experience! Unsurprisingly, coordinating this effort required an exceptional degree of client-agency trust.

During the discovery workshops, we paid particular attention to the business’ commercial goals and the role the website would need to play. This feedback provided the foundation for our creative brief, as well as the new site’s proposed structure. The site has been built using WordPress and makes extensive use of modern Gutenberg capabilities, so the design has made use of a similar building block-based architecture.

Cite are the perfect partners.

Equal parts creative & considered, ingenuitive & insightful, bold & brilliant!

Oda Mo

CMO, Motimate

The results

For Motimate, this was an incredibly important and busy time. While we worked on the brand strategy and website, their Senior Management Team were in deep conversation with Kahoot! regarding the eventual acquisition. We couldn’t perhaps at the time appreciate just how vital a role our work was needed to perform. It was also a testament to how close the bond between agency and client can get.

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