Knauf Golden Thread

The challenge.

The insight.

The creative.

Firstly, because that would go straight to the solution when much of the audience didn’t understand the problem. Secondly, because we’d only be talking to that 5% who are in the market right now (remember to take a look at the 95:5 rule). And thirdly because a longer, educational campaign allowed us to demonstrate genuine leadership and expertise, building trust in the Knauf brand among a much wider base.

Cite’s approach and strategic vision for this campaign enabled us to elevate our marketing in a way we had not done before.

It enabled us to clearly identify a link between our solution and how we could tie it to a key market driver. It also allowed us to put Knauf in a position of leadership towards a key audience we need to further influence. Lastly, it gave the campaign longevity and provided high quality leads for the sales team.

Liam Poole.Head of Marketing.


We can give you the click through rates and form fill requests – all very impressive. But the effectiveness of this campaign to generate high quality leads is demonstrated by two numbers: 60,000 and 85,000,000.

Because from a total investment, including media, of £60k we created a potential new business pipeline of £85million. And one very happy client.

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