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Based in London and Oslo, Puzzel is one of Europe’s leading Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) providers. Its platform allows brands to operate sophisticated contact centres that communicate with customers across all modern channels of communication including voice, chat, email, social media and web.

In 2017, the Nordic telecoms provider, Intelecom, was sold to NetNordic, and their cloud contact centre operation hived off as a separate commercial entity. Cite had been working successfully with Intelecom for several years prior to this change, and so were asked to help launch and support this new business.

Creating a statement brand

Our involvement began with creating a distinctive brand identity designed to reflect Puzzel’s individualism and personality. Puzzel’s challenge was to appear as a challenger brand, whilst capitalising on Intelecom’s record in this sector. Visually, the brief was for Puzzel to stand out amongst a market dominated by quite dreary corporate imagery and colours. We pitched in a combination of bespoke illustration and a high-key colour palette, dominated by a vivid rubine.

When Puzzel was sold in 2019 to Marlin Equity, the distinctive brand character was cited as an influential factor in their decision making.

First things first

Naturally, the first big application to tackle was their website. Since its launch in 2017 the site has changed considerably, but has always retained the brand’s energetic and vivacious character. High-growth, technology-led businesses like Puzzel are constantly evolving and refining their proposition, so our challenge has been to ensure the website’s messaging and user-experience remains relevant and on-brand.

Cite blew me away.

The work they created was engaging and energetic, and embodied the brand exactly as I’d imagined it.

Jonathan Allan

CMO, Puzzel


Creatively, Cite’s involvement has spanned the entire brand communications gamut – from designing their websites to shaping the messaging, and running campaigns. Recently, we used pioneering AI technologies to create audience personas that completely exceeded everyone’s expectations. These personas are reliant on millions of internal and external data points to analyse audience behaviour, and create customer profiles that are incredibly detailed and free of the inherent biases associated with conventional approaches. We’ve gone on to use these personas to target extremely successful campaigns, yielding exceptional conversion rates and levels of lead generation.

An ambitious future

Marlin’s ambitions for Puzzel are impressive – taking a Nordic-first tech brand on the journey needed to enable them to rival established global players. Our role is to ensure the brand is maintained in peak shape, and ready for the next challenge.

The success we’ve all enjoyed is a testament to the deep bond we’ve created between Cite and Puzzel. We work exceptionally closely with the senior marketing team, ensuring we’re all delivering today, and planning for tomorrow.

Most agency relationships feel like a commercial arrangement. With Cite it feels like a creative partnership.

Jonathan Allan

CMO, Puzzel


In 2020, marketing activities generated half of all the new sales pipeline. Our 2020 website update saw lead generation soar by 900% in 6 months.

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How we helped
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