50 Free SEO Tools


Here are 50 SEO Tools that we genuinely use here at Cite, all are 100% free.

Educate yourself on the dark arts of SEO.

Google Tools

  1. Google Analytics


Find out how visitors are interacting with your site, which pages are popular, which devices do they prefer, where are they from, what languages do they speak…the list goes on.

  1. Google Search Console


See how your site is performing within search, what keywords are you ranking for, are you being indexed, plus much more.

Tip: Link to Google Analytics for even more insights.

  1. AdWords Keyword Planner


Keyword planner allows you to check the monthly searches and competition for any keyword phrase. It will also suggest complementary keywords that you could incorporate into your SEO campaigns.

Tip: Look for low hanging fruit with low competition keyword phrases within your industry.

  1. Google Mobile Friendly test


Unsure if your site is responsive? This tool will analyse your site and suggest areas that could be improved.

  1. Google Trends


Explore topics and phrases over time, useful tool for finding out new terminology that your company could be using within your copy.

  1. Google URL Shortener


Ideal for shortening URLs for social media such as Twitter where there are character limitations. You can also track the performance of the URL.

  1. Google Tag Manager


Tag manager allows you to add tags such as click listeners to your site without the involvement of a developer.

  1. Remove URLs tool


Found within search console, this tool will remove URLs from Googles index.

  1. Google Advanced Search


Displays all of the search options usually hidden away in the SERP.

  1. Google structured data testing tool


Does your site have structured data? Find out with this handy free tool.

Tip: Structured data helps search engines to understand your site better.

  1. Google Developers


Sample code and APIs for your development team. A great resource for technical discussions and support.

  1. Google Page Speed Insights


Website speed is one of many ranking factors, this tool analyses your speed and makes suggestions to help improve it.

  1. Google Resizer


View how your site looks on desktop, tablet and mobile.

  1. Google Help


No matter how random your query is, it is likely that it has been asked and answered here. 

Image tools

  1. Online Image Compressor


Large images on your site can reduce speed and increase load time. Use this tool to reduce the file size but maintain the image quality.

  1. Wikimedia Commons


Thousands of quality, royalty free images can be found here.

  1. Tiny PNG


Another tool to reduce image file size, works well with either JPG or PNG.

  1. Pixabay


Free royalty free images that could be used for any type of campaign, including commercial.

  1. Image Alt test


Check if images on your pages have any alt text, a ranking factor in terms of a pages relevancy.

  1. Flickr


Many Flickr users choose to offer their images up to the community under a creative commons license.

  1. Gimp


Gimp is a free tool that allows you to resize and adapt images, features many of the tools commonly found within Adobe.

  1. Luna Pic


An alternative for those that don’t want to download Gimp.

  1. Canva


Create your own shareable infographics with this easy to use drag and drop tool.

Link Analysis tools

  1. Majestic


Majestic allows you to see the number of links a site has as well has where those links have come from. You are limited to the amount of information you can view on a free account.

Tip: A good tool for competitor research

  1. Ahrefs


A similar tool to Majestic but with a prettier interface.

On Page analysis tools

  1. Page comparison tool


Compare any two pages from any two sites, why is a competitor’s particular page ranking well? It could be down to how they have structured their page.

  1. SEO Comparison tool


Similar to page comparison but this tool allows you to compare up to five full URLs.

  1. F12 on Chrome

Use Chromes built in developer’s tool to inspect elements on the page, such as headings, image alt tags etc.

  1. Right click ‘view page source’

Similar to F12 on Chrome, view page source allows you to plunge into the code on a page.

  1. Meta Length tool

Check whether the length of your Meta Title and Meta Description are within the SERP parameters.

Other SEO tools

  1. My IP Address


This is useful when you want to exclude your IP address from Google Analytics, so that you don’t influence the visitor metrics.

  1. Wayback Machine


This tool allows you to view how websites use to look. So if a competitor develops a new site and starts doing well, you can compare the two versions of the site and implement some of their ideas.

  1. Screaming Frog


This small desktop programme will crawl your site similar to search engines, and highlight any current or potential issues.

  1. DNS Propagation Checker


Launched a new site recently? Check as and when it gets propagated around the world.

  1. Pingdom website speed test


Test the load time of any URL and find bottlenecks.

  1. Facebook Competitor analysis


Analyse and compare your competitors Facebook activity.

  1. Survey Monkey


Find out what visitors actually think of your site with a free pop up survey.

SEO blogs and resources

Keep yourself up to date with the latest SEO developments.

  1. MOZ Blog


  1. Search Engine Land


  1. Search Engine Watch


  1. Search Engine Journal


  1. Quick Sprout


  1. Word Stream


  1. Cite Blog (of course)


  1. Internet Marketing Ninjas


  1. Econsultancy


SEO Influencers on Twitter

  1. Larry Kim (@larrykim) founder of Word Stream
  2. Rand Fishkin (@randfish) MOZ founder
  3. Neil Patel (@neilpatel) founded Crazyegg
  4. Google (@google)

I hope you enjoyed a rundown of some of the tools I use most often. I’m sure I’ve missed a few and or I’m not aware of them yet.

Keep an eye out for an updated SEO Tools list in the future.

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