Blogging about blogs – and why WordPress rocks

Over the past couple of  years we’ve created loads of blog for our clients. Some like Mio Destino and Design4Retail are clearly designed as both marketing and news channels whilst the likes of Red Rocket is a personal site for PR professional, Phil Szomszor.

Our most recent piece has been an extensive update for those alternative news pundits at Anorak. This vast news site covers topics that range from plain serious to the seriously funny., and most recently, we’ve launched Anorak’s sister site The Spieler, which is designed to provide a channel for Anorak’s editorial team to tell us what they really think to the stories behind the headlines.

Our blogging software of choice for all these examples (and indeed for the blog you’re reading right now) has been WordPress, and we love it.

Why do we like it so much?

  • It’s cost effective – in fact, WordPress is a free, as an Open Source piece of software, you pay nothing forusing this excellent product.
  • It’s quick to set up – we can design, install and configure a simple blog in as little as a couple of days.
  • Community support – there’s tons of support on the net for solving complex challenges when we’re looking to do something out of the usual.
  • It’s highly customisable – the control we have over the look and feel ofthe blog, means your blog needed look like, er, well a blog!
  • It’s very easy to use – which in turn means our customers are going to use it.