Bridging the gap between industry and education

Adam Fowler of Regent College

Cite have always had strong ties with local education. Several of our staff studied at De Montfort University (for some of us it was good old Leicester Poly) and today we support them in return by setting industry briefs and running their UI/UX module for second year students. We also undertake regular Q&A sessions with students of local schools and colleges who are interested in a career in the industry.

Recently Adam Fowler from the IT department of Regent College requested to spend a day our offices. He wanted to see first hand how a modern, digital agency operated…

My day at Cite by Adam Fowler

I must admit I was very exCITEd (sorry, had to be done) that Regent College, where I teach, managed to find time in our training  schedule for me to spend a day out of college refreshing my knowledge of the IT industry. And this is how I came to spend a day at Cite The Digital Agency in Leicester, meeting the people, discussing how work gets done and the modern trends in digital information delivery.

What a great day out is was too. I felt most welcome and was given the run of the place to ask lots of basic and, I hope, not so basic questions. This included access to live meetings with clients as an observer to see first-hand how their systems work. The information I gained was so useful. I can go back to the classroom and tell students, with confidence, that I really do know what I’m talking about! I can discuss design processes, client handling, project management and what it’s like to work in a small but dynamic company that really is on the cutting edge of digital delivery. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Andy and his team, a very happy bunch in a very happy place, they really did make a difference.

– Adam Fowler, Regent’s College IT department