Cite offer monthly social media services

Social media has become an integral tool in successful online marketing.  You know you should be updating your Facebook profile, contributing to discussions on LinkedIn or tweeting about the great stuff your company is doing.  But who has the time?  With all the other pressures of marketing your brand not everyone has the resources to dedicate to their company’s profiles.

But we’re here to help, whether it’s a lack of time that’s stopping you or a fear of the unknown.

Cite offers a monthly social media service that will relieve the pressure of updating your corporate profiles while professionally improving your social media presence.

Monthly social media services

Like the rest of us in the office, our social media experts love to spend time on social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora and Facebook.  More importantly, we know how to make social media work for our clients to bring in relevant leads and enquiries.

Whatever your choice of social media, our team can help.  The process is simple: we’ll understand what you want to achieve from social media, advise you on which channels will be most beneficial, and tailor the campaign to meet your company’s social media goals.

We’ll write all of your company’s status updates, make sure your profiles are up-to-date, and write new blog posts for your website.
While we’re working the social networks for you, you’ll still be in control of your profiles but the time you save can be geared towards other activities in your business.

Our expertise in social media communications has assisted many clients in creating a strong online presence for their brands so give us a call to find out more about our social media services.