Cite uses reporting and analysis for SEO

Cite has been chosen as the digital marketing agency for Astro Imports, a wholesale discount Poundline supplier. We were chosen because of our search engine optimisation (SEO) expertise, and our main objective will be to drive visitors to the website and analyse its web traffic.

Astro Imports poundline suppliers

We have taken the steps to determine who is currently visiting the site and how they interact with it.  Our reporting and analysis services have given us a full picture of how the website’s current traffic works and the areas that need to be improved.  This comprehensive report about users, their engagement with the website, and the site’s strengths and weaknesses, has helped us tailor our SEO to meet Astro Import’s marketing goals and desired conversion rates.

And, because we have created this initial report, we will be able to compare it to future statistics to determine how well the new SEO is working.  Our continuous analysis and reporting services will help maintain a strong web presence for Astro Imports and improve its online marketing campaign.

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