Designing the details

Noticed any big changes to Google recently? Are you sure? The biggest change might just be the smallest. As this article on the BBC website explains, Google have update their favicon. As these articles explains, a favicon, is the tiny logo that appears next to the address of a website (in your browser’s address toolbar). It may measure only 16 pixels square but this ubiquitous icon  will be viewed approximately 1,200 million times a day.

At Cite, we pride ourselves in taking care of all these details – whether you’re an international player, or a Leicestershire company looking to make the right impression, it pays to choose web site designers that as much care over the design minutiae as the bigger picture. Along with designing your own custom favicon, we’ll make sure your site has a 404 page (in case users mistypes a page address); your pages look right when they’re printed (we create custom CSS pages for this) and we’ll even add some nifty code to tell Google and Yahoo’s  which pages need indexing.