E-marketing, its all in the planning…

It’s all about planning, preparation and execution. A recent lecture delivered by Dr Martin Beckinsale on digital marketing and e-commerce emphasised the need for a marketing plan. You need to know where you stand in your market at the moment to get to where you want to be. Which is obvious really and also makes it easy to measure the performance of you campaign.

What some people forget is that although online marketing is relatively new, it is still a serious way of getting business, so developing a plan is crucial to success.  This includes having a target audience, deciding what digital marketing tools to use, and what your goals are.  Strong web design, a consistent message, and brand image are all important to a well-developed digital marketing campaign.  Additionally, any marketing you do online should complement offline marketing material.

Apparently 80% of all e-marketing spending is used on the acquisition of customers, so retaining them is the easy part. Not every company has the time and money to invest in a timely well organised campaign, but more often than not the big risk takers are the big money makers.

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