Facebook introduce updates to their Ad Campaign structure

Facebook ad structure change

Earlier this year, Facebook changed their ad creation process to include ‘Ad Sets’ between the ‘Campaign’ and ‘Ad’ level. The reason for the change was two-fold: to make it easier for users to set up and organise Facebook ads, and to improve the measurement of ads so users could optimise their marketing on Facebook. This week Facebook announced they will be updating Ad Sets even further to help users monitor the effectiveness of their ads.

The update
When Ad Sets were first introduced, they allowed users to set the budget and schedule. This update now increases the number of settings that can be controlled at this level, so users can now select their audiences, placement and bidding at the Ad Set level (this was previously completed at the Ad level).

The new Ad Campaign structure is as follows:

  • Campaign – Users select a single goal for their Facebook ads, such as increasing Page likes or driving web traffic.
  • Ad Set – Within a campaign, users can create multiple ad sets. This is where the update will take place. Management of the budget, schedule, audiences, placement and bidding is housed at this level.
  • Ad – Within each ad set, users can create multiple ads containing different content, including text, images, and links.

So what are the benefits to this update? With more control in the Ad Sets, individual ads can now be compared within the same ad set to see which one is most effective. Marketers will be able to analyse their ads more precisely to determine what content (text, images, call-to-action buttons, etc) gets the most click throughs and engagement.

Facebook’s new ad campaign structure will be implemented in the upcoming weeks once the Ads Create tool, Ads Manager, and Power Editor are all updated. It will affect newly created ads immediately, however existing ads can also be switched over if advertisers prefer the new set up. The updates won’t be mandatory early 2015.

Top Tips
With the new Ad Set updates in mind, here are two tips to help optimise your next campaign:

  1. Identify the most effective ad – As mentioned above, this week’s update helps users by making it easier to identify the ad content that is most effective. Utilise this by creating a variety of ads with different content and creative (all within the same Ad Set). Ads that are the least effective can then be paused and, if possible, others created to ensure you are maximising your campaign potential.
  2. Test different audiences – If you are unsure of your target audience or the audience that is the most responsive, you can now find out. Test different audiences by creating an ad set for each. Keep all other Ad Set settings, such as bidding and placement, the same and the ads that perform the best will then represent your most responsive audience.

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