Google Algorithm update for mobile searches

Google Algorithm Update

Starting tomorrow, Google will be changing its algorithm to provide mobile users with a “friendlier” list of search results. Websites that are not optimised for mobiles will see a “significant” drop in their SERP on mobile searches, which could have a major impact on website traffic. The changes, lovingly nicknamed “Mobilegeddon” by industry analysts, are being seen as a wake-up call for businesses that have not optimised their site for mobiles.

Google has announced two changes that will go into affect on April 21st:

  1. Improved ranking for mobile-friendly sites. As Google tries to provide its users with the best search results possible, it is now considering the user-experience on those sites as well as the content. Google announced that tomorrow’s change will provide users with “relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”
  2. Relevant app content in search results. Google will also begin using information from indexed apps as a ranking factor. This will only be relevant to people who have an app installed on their mobile device and are signed in. Indications are that this will only apply to Android apps for now.

If you aren’t sure whether Google considers your website to be mobile-friendly, try out Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool to analyse your website.  If your site doesn’t make the cut, now is the time to consider redesigning and developing a new website that is. Our recommendation would be to create a website using responsive design, a technology that allows the site to determine what screen resolution and size it is being viewed on and adjust the layout and content accordingly. This would give your users the best experience for their device while meeting Google’s mobile-friendly requirements.

Over the last few years Google has made mobile search a priority. In addition to these algorithm changes, last week it introduced a new mobile-friendly way of displaying URLs in search results.  We expect these mobile-focussed changes to continue and will keep you updated as Google announces them.

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