Google’s Grand Central vision

As mentioned a few posts ago Google is keen to expand it’s scope into new markets such as mobile, instant messaging etc. many companies do, but what Google does best is bring it all nicely together in a way that’s actually useful to the consumer.

In the same vein as it’s mobile forays, Google has acquired GrandCentral which is a phone unifier allowing you to have one number (for life they claim) through which you can route all your phones; landlines, mobiles and voice messaging.

Currently only available across the pond the system is set for expansion after this initial beta period, but it should be worth the wait for all your control freaks out there with a set of features that means you’ll never have to take a call you don’t want ever again. For the machiavellian amongst us you can set different messages for different callers, block numbers, listen in while voicemail is being left … and all from one simple web based interface.

For those who have already centralised much of their online life with a Google account the thought of doing the same for your phone seems very appealing indeed.