How To Embed Cookie-Free Files

With the new EU cookie legislation now in effect, visitors to UK websites can now decide whether or not to allow cookies to track their activities. If people do opt out of your cookies, any functionality on your site that uses them will be blocked during their visit.  In order to keep important features accessible to all their visitors, website administrators should aim to make their site as cookie-free as possible.

Cookie-free Infographic

To help you provide a good experience to everyone visiting your site, we’ve put together some step-by-step instructions on how to embed YouTube, Slideshare, and Vimeo to your site without the cookies usually associated with them, so everyone can access them, no matter what their cookie preferences are.

These instructions can be found in what we’re calling a “Tough Cookie to Crack Instrugraphic.”  You can access it by clicking the image above as well as visiting our account.

For more information on how we can help your site comply with the cookie legislation, or to learn more about our digital marketing services, please contact us today.