What we love about working at a Digital Agency


The evenings are getting marginally longer and the weather isn’t quite as grim, love is in the air. As it’s Valentine’s Day here are our top things we love about working at Cite.

Love ♥

“No two days are the same” – because we have so many clients in different sectors, it guarantees no two days are the same. We can be on site in hi-vis jackets directing a photo-shoot one minute and suited and booted talking personas and pain points with tyre retailers the next.

“I’m just getting on with it” – it’s great to work somewhere that allows you to do the best you can at what you’re best at doing.

“Five-a-day” – free fresh fruit for all the staff in the fruit bowl every Monday… ‘nuff said!!!

“From Burritos to Burgers” – every last Friday of the month is a good Friday, as the whole team ventures out for lunch (paid for by Daf and Andy)…but get your vote in early.

“Everyday is a school day” – want to broaden your skill set? Want to learn new things? The management team at Cite encourage and support personal growth.

“One Love, One Team” – as cheesy as it sounds, from developers to designers, to project managers and client support, we all do genuinely get along.

“Anyone for a brew?” – even the most kettle shy get their hands dirty once sworn into the sacred Cite tea/coffee round…just make sure you replace the milk.

So, in a nutshell, come and experience Cite…. We’ll make you a cup of coffee… You can nibble on our fruit… We can show you our portfolio… We can talk about your plans… We can organise getting the job done for you – because that’s what we do best!

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