Microsoft – virtual or not?

According to Design Sunglasses UK blog, a pair of Microsoft sunglasses were sold on Ebay for $173,000.

Now that sounds like an awful lot of money for what look like a pair of throwback 80s specs.  Apparently, the story goes, that they were given out to Microsoft employees back in the 80s as a way of saying “the sun always shines on Microsoft” and these are the only surviving pair in the world.

True or false?  We think this is a great viral marketing campaign from Microsoft.  Think about it – they wouldn’t really miss that kind of cash, yet it provides the perfect opportunity for blogs like us and Design Sunglasses to pick up on it and talk about.  And of course once the ball starts rolling everyone’s talking about the quarter of a million Microsoft sunglasses .

Only time will tell whether it is indeed a viral campaign, but if it is, it’s a good one.