My time as an intern at a digital agency

One of our summer interns, Sam, has just completed his internship at our digital agency. Part of his role was to write blogs, for our website as well as our clients’. Before he left, we asked him to write one final blog post about his time as a digital marketing intern at Cite. Here’s what he had to say…

Internship at digital agency, Cite

For students and graduates alike, relevant work experience is key. You’ve probably heard this statement a thousand times at university, and as a result, you may have continuously dismissed the notion as nothing but a tall tale created just to scare you. Unfortunately, the harsh truth is that during these tough times, a degree simply isn’t enough to land the job you want, and experience really is important.

You may think those countless late nights spent finishing your year-long dissertation, writing up numerous assignments, and revising for your final-year exams means that a job is all but guaranteed once you leave your graduate ceremony and pack away those robes. In actual fact, applying for a job without the relevant experience is much like turning up to an airport without your passport – the plane may be tantalisingly close, but you can’t come on board until you hold the vital piece of the jigsaw; in this case work experience.

Thus, if you’re looking to break into the marketing industry/agency environment, then an internship may be the answer. For me, the great thing about working at Cite is that no two days are the same. For instance, after my first day I was already in the thick of the action, working on a real life project for a client. My second day however went into a completely different direction – instead exposing me to a new project for another client. The spontaneous nature of the work, coupled with the absorbing brands and projects you work on, means that a sense of accomplishment is never too far away. I’ve undertaken numerous activities within the digital marketing arena – including content marketing, community management, SEO/blog writing, social media advertising (I could go on!). My tasks were carried out across a varied number of brands, and with a high degree of responsibility too (something not many other internships offer); thus enhancing my overall experience and understanding of digital marketing.

I’d highly recommend trying out a digital marketing internship, particularly at Cite. Not only do they offer the opportunity to obtain relevant work experience, but they do so in a manner that makes you feel part of a friendly team (even if I did only get bronze in the Cite Summer Games!) – making it a thoroughly enjoyable three months. It’s three months that I’d recommend to anyone who wants to board that plane and start a journey towards their desired career path.

Are you interested in a digital marketing internship at Cite?

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