Navigating the digital advertising landscape

What is Digital Advertising?

Forming an integral part of online marketing strategy, digital advertising is a powerful tactic which yields great rewards when deployed correctly.

Digital advertising spans a broad spectrum from display ads and pay-per-click (PPC) to full scale digital-out-of-home-activations (DOOH). Done well it can help amplify your brand, attract new customers, build loyalty, enforce trust and generate leads and sales.

Done poorly it can consume budget, resource and not to mention your own sanity.

A complex topography

Creating a cohesive, integrated campaign is now not a nice to have but a necessity. In the last few years, the digital advertising landscape has changed dramatically with advancements in mobile technology, tracking and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Customers demand a smooth brand experience no matter where they are or which device they are using.

Pixel tracking and developments with advertising and analytics means that ads can be served cross-channel and cross-platform. These ads can be triggered based on certain actions and where a user is in the buying cycle. For example, if a customer visits your website you may want to show them an ad on Facebook with a link to a piece of gated content to capture their details.

This really is just scratching the surface as technologies have progressed to provide a seamlessly connected and multi-dimensional experience. The Piccadily Lights in London is a prime DOOH placement. Advancements in tech have now made it possible for brands to incorporate real time factors into their strategies, such as serving ads based around the weather.

Localised and contextual targeting is becoming more prominent and we are seeing an influx of dynamic campaigns. Snapchat allows brands to adopt geofilters for events and in turn enables visitors at that event to share photos with a unique brand filter. While the rise of AI and programmatic advertising allows brands to take a more personalised an adaptive approach to content and display.

Roadmaps and a clear destination

No matter the advancements in digital advertising, the fundamentals remain the same. For campaigns to be effective they should be supported by a comprehensive strategy and integrated across all relevant channels and formats.

At Cite, we’ll work with you to develop and deliver a fully integrated digital advertising strategy. This will be inlaid with creative ideas and insight to drive results. We devise a tactical plan and communicate your message through robust creative ideas and stunning visuals. These visuals can range from html5, video, rich media and native ads, to content.

Our savvy team understand all the complexities that surround digital advertising. Working cross-discipline and cross-sector, we bring key learnings to influence and drive your campaigns. We keep up to speed with the latest developments and technology to maximise opportunities and ROI.