Optimise Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping campaigns shouldn’t be left to chance, increase ROI by creating a best sellers list. Segment your product data to understand which products are returning a positive return on your ad spend. Use your Google Analytics to find out what your best-selling products are, this makes your Google Shopping campaign leaner and protects your margins.

The process

Make sure you link your AdWords account with your Google Analytics account for richer data.

Find your campaign by navigating to ‘Acquisition’ > ‘AdWords’ > ‘Campaigns’.

Simply minus your advertising spend from the revenue generated, those products with the biggest positive difference in revenue are the products that you want to focus on.

In this example, we can see that two out of these ten products are achieving a negative return on ad spend.

Google Shopping best sellers
Other factors you would need to consider when measuring the success of your Google Shopping campaign would be:

  • Margin
  • Shipping

So, for example, if a product has a 20% margin and you achieve £10,000 worth of sales, this would leave £2,000 worth of profit. If you spend £1,000 on shopping ads, this would equate to £1,000 worth of profit from this campaign.

If you offer free delivery, then this would also need to be considered as a cost.

Add an AdWords Label for best sellers

Once you have identified what your best sellers are, you can create a best seller ad group for your Product Listing Ads campaign.

If you can modify your Google Shopping product feed, you can add an AdWords Label for these specific products.

Use this handy link to Googles product data specification, which will help you submit data in the right format.

Create a best seller ad group

The last step is to create a new ad group, using the custom labels to subdivide your product groups. Remember, to uncheck all products in the initial set up.

Increase ROI on Google Shopping campaigns

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