Outdoors or Online

When it comes to socialising with friends we are more commonly catching up on our friends’ whereabouts using online social media. An article in NMA this month discusses some interesting findings, according to a survey conducted in November by Keynote, just under a quarter of adults use networking sites. Research suggests that growing social networks spending will reach approximately £1.1bn in 2008.

Comparing other online activities, 10% of adults watch TV programmes online.  This has gone up 4% in the last 18 months. The Internet is not only used for socialising and replacing traditional past times, but it also seems to be eating into our shopping experience too, with 42% of adults purchasing entertainment products using e-commerce sites.

It seems we have yet to test the boundaries of the Internet, it seems to have something for everyone. With access becoming easier with mobile pages and WIFI hot spots the possibilities seem endless.