Predictions for 2008

January is traditionally the month of bank account hangovers and press speculation¬† over the year ahead, but we think it’s high time somebody made some digital media predictions for the new year.

So what Web applications and trends will make it big in 2008? In this post the RWW authors ruminate on the current trends in Web technology and look forward to what 2008 might bring us. Topics include Google, semantic web, online advertising, recommendation systems, Facebook, digg, open standards, Mobile Web, search engines, and much more!

Meanwhile, on the BBC website we have an article about Intel predicting spectacular developments in the world of mobile technology whilst Uncle Bill is excited over his funky coffee table.

Whether or not these digital media predictions come true has yet to be seen, but one thing is for sure, our digital agency will be filling you in as the year goes on with the biggest tech stories, so keep checking back.