Sun, Sea and Brighton SEO

sun, sea and brighton seo

This blog is written by Digital Marketing, SEO and PPC specialist Ryan…

On Friday I made my way south to the latest Brighton SEO conference to learn all things digital.

Here is a breakdown of the presentations I attended and the key takeaway points that can be applied to your next digital campaign. Future blog posts will go into each topic in more detail.

Top 10 AdWords Tactics for B2B Lead Gen Campaigns

Speaker: Jeroen Maljers @jeroenmaljers

Key takeaway:

As an advertiser, you first need to deeply understand their audience, and their pain points, before spending a penny on PPC advertising.

How to use remarketing tactics to activate and enhance client retention

Speaker: Saija Mahon @SaijaMahon

Key takeaway:

Loyal customers are worth ten times more than new customers, it costs five times as much to acquire new customers, so why not use remarketing to target your loyal customers that are already engaged.

Excel Formulas PPC professionals need

Speaker: Anu Adegbola

Key takeaway:

Use nesting to easily manage formulas and reduce file size for large PPC reports.

Harnessing your Online Reputation to win New Customers

Speaker: Myles Anderson

Key takeaway:

If asked seven out of ten people will leave a review, ask when customer satisfaction is at its highest, straight after a purchase.

Quality PR Linkbuilding – with Terrible Budget

Speaker: Ben Harrow @owmyfoothurts

Key takeaway:

When getting in touch with people to promote your content try their live chat on the company Facebook page, sometimes a better option than email and more responsive.

Linkbuilding 2018

Speaker: Fili Wiese @filiwiese

Key takeaway:

Creating links is fine, but make sure you are earning links that are relevant and lead to conversions.

Creating Workflows for Link Building

Speaker: Dixon Jones

Key takeaway:

The best link building tool is beer, build relationships with people within your industry, collaborate and build beneficial links through networking.

Righteous Tips for Building Totally Excellent Local Links

Speaker: Greg Gifford @GregGifford

Key takeaway:

Local SEO links don’t need to be authoritive, the fact that people within your local area are linking to you makes them very relevant.

Why you Should Scrap your “Content” Budget Line

Speaker: Rebecca Brown

Key takeaway:

Volume vs Opportunity – The effort required to rank for a keyword is dependent on the competition, once this is established a budget can be allocated and ROI estimated.

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