Sweet social media

There are two things in this world that make everyone at our digital agency happy: the Internet and baked goods. While all of us love to talk about social media, web design and online marketing, we prefer it even more with a cupcake in our hand. Luckily, we’re not alone. It seems that more and more bakers are turning to technology for inspiration, and we’ve put together a list of our favourite Internet-themed treats.

Instagram Graham Crackers:
Instagram Graham Cracker
Not only do these look just like the Instagram logo, but the creator, Bakerella, even gives you a tutorial on how to make them yourself!

Facebook Cake:
Facebook Cake
Facebook seems to be a popular subject for bakers, but we think this one by Dani Cakes Savannah really takes the cake…

Twitter cupcakes
Twitter cupcake
Bakerella did it again, this time creating these amazing Twitter cupcakes.

Apple pie
Apple pie
Tasty, and a clever play on words. Courtesy @danaknisely.

Pinterest cupcake
Pinterest cupcake
Pinterest is a baker’s ideal social network. Not only does it have amazing recipes, but apparently it inspires amazing cupcakes. Image courtesy jedmund on Flickr

Browser cookies
browser cookies
No, we’re not talking about cookies that browsers drop onto your computer, we’re talking scrumptious cookies that would taste lovely with a glass of milk, as evidenced by these for Google Chrome and Firefox.

WordPress cake
Wordpress cake
If our WordPress developers got a piece of this cake they’d be in heaven. Looks delicious.

YouTube cake
YouTube Cake
Obviously we’re not the only ones who thought this cake looked great. Too bad our social media experts weren’t there to snag a piece of their own

iPhone cupcakes
iPhone icon cupcakes
All the iPhone icon cupcakes in one place. Looks like we know what to order for our next office party.

Social media sweets
social media sweets
Okay so technically these social media sweets aren’t baked but we bet they’d taste amazing.

As web designers, we love anything that’s creative and can’t wait to see how others use the logos of brands we use so much. If you’ve created a cupcake, cookie, pie, or cake that’s got an Internet logo on it, email us a photo and we’ll add it to this list!

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