The evolution of the search engine …

Although search engines are very commonplace today, they have changed significantly since their early days. Many of these changes have helped improve the way we search the internet and the way we can implement our online marketing campaigns.

In the beginning there were your search engines, you would type in a term and the most relevant information would come up. Then there was the introduction of search engine advertising such as Google’s ‘AdWords’ and Yahoo’s ‘Search Marketing’. This made it a little more difficult to understand how to get to the top of search results, and now it seems there will be video advertisements alongside your average search.

This means that alongside the websites Google search comes up with, and the highlighted AdWords along the top and down the side of the search, there will be a sign next to the search terms with the option to view a video. This sign will open to play the video advertisement that has been selected.

It is believed that these videos will only appear in a few searches to begin with as Google are only testing the water to get a general public response. But with the amount of videos that are already available on the net, along with companies trying to compete to get to the top of their search results, the integration of video ads in general Google searches does not seem far off.