UN-limited information

All large organisations need information to help them make policy and plan for the future, one of the largest of which is the UN. The United Nations has gathered an incredible amount of data over the years but has recently consolidated it into a UN public searchable database that’s accessible via a web interface.

The effort aims to make full use of the data by opening it up to anyone who wishes to view it. Whilst it was possible to access UN data before, it was spread over numerous [unrelated] databases which made it’s practical use somewhat limited to the world at large.

Expect this to be one of many huge databases that will spring up by organisations in the near future as the followings of xml, rss and other data handling methods grow so does the scope of what they can do with the data. Google base/products is already a considerable size and with the flexibility of xml behind it, it can only continue to go from strength to strength.

While we don’t have anything like the UN public searchable database at our office, we do have an amazing team of web developers and designers who are always happy to get a call. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team.