Virtual strikes on Second Life and awareness raising blogs!

No longer forced into the cold for hours on end to get their point across, in September last year strikers at IBM in Italy took to the virtual streets to protest at their unfair pay settlement. An article in this week’s Economist describes how 2,000 employees logged on to stage their virtual protest. Not only did this pay off and employees received a new pay deal not a month later, but they also won an award at the Forum Netxplorateur, for their innovative use of the Internet.

You do not have to go to such extreme lengths to get your virtual message across, blogs seem to be just as effective at promoting their cause. Not only do these blogs raise the awareness of possible moves by the company to other employees, but some companies have actually seen improved redundancy offers due to their effective blogging.

Blogs are also a great way to get news out to your customers and help them get to know your company. Just like our blog, you can also cover industry news and share top tips.

We’re big fans of blogging and are always ready to help clients get started with a blog of their own. Contact us today for more details.