Why this blog entry is entitled ‘Cite Blog | Web design and online marketing agency Leicester | Leicestershire’

Here’s a quick search engine optimisation (SEO) tip for a Friday afternoon.

Try experimenting with matching your page title (at the top of your browser) and your blog entry titles.  Consistency with page headings and body text can lead to dramatic SEO ranking improvements because of the use of keywords throughout your page.

Google’s spiders crawl your entire website to figure out what it is about. From top to bottom they search for keywords and the title is one of the first places they start. If your page title has relevant keywords, Google will see that as an indication that good SEO practices were put into effect while creating that page. That’s why you’ll always see phrases like “web design” or “online marketing” both in our page titles and in our body copy.

Search Engine Optimisation is an important part of any website’s success and we hope you’ll be able to put this tip into use.

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