Casdon Toys wrap up their new website

Packaged up just in time for the festive season ahead, toy manufacturer Casdon have launched a mobile responsive and consumer-facing website, showcasing their range of fun and functional toys for young children.

As a box of Casdon toys made their way to the office, our team had great pleasure in discovering their younger ‘inner inventor’. But toys aside, we can assure you there was work to be done. Taking the lead on delivering this new website was Account Manager Stephen McCarroll who explains more below.

“By the client’s own admission, their existing public site had been neglected and needed a complete overhaul in terms of design, technical platform and product content. We worked with Casdon’s design agency to create a playful, vibrant interface which complements the range of toys and is consistent with offline collateral.

We also had to consider how distributor information could best be presented because this is how consumers can locate their nearest retailer. Providing users with simple navigation and clear calls-to-action of where to find the toys was an important feature for the new website, that was lacking previously.

Casdon website before and afterBefore and after… On the left, the previous website, and right – Modernised for 2020!

As with any project, we’re likely to face the odd hurdle here and there but there is always a solution. For the new Casdon website, we faced a slight challenge when migrating the product data from the old website due to the amount of information that needed to be pulled into the database. To resolve this, we used WooCommerce; a platform with extended functionality that allowed for additional information about each product to be stored in a central database. Now everything product-related could be managed in one place, therefore making it easier to transfer the content across to the new website.

Ensuring all of the product data was communicated correctly was crucial because although the primary audience for the new website is end consumers, each product also includes information that is needed for distributors. For example product dimensions, packaging measurements and shipping information.

Our development team built the new website in WordPress for the ease of its CMS functionality which was an important element for Casdon along with the adapted WooCommerce plugin to support the vast product catalogue. The good news is that if in the future, should Casdon move towards an international, e-commerce model, this website will also allow them to do that.”

Phil Cassidy, Joint Managing Director commented; “It was a pleasure to work with Cite to bring our website up to date. From concept to completion I cannot fault their service. The live site speaks for itself, it’s great! We are all very happy with it.”

The end result? A shiny new website all wrapped up before Christmas! To find out more about how we could help you with a similar project, give us a call on 0116 254 9888 or drop us an email to [email protected].