Cite cycles for Loros charity

Last weekend Cite staff members took part in the Loros “One Big Bike Ride” to raise money for the local hospice. The 26-mile bike ride took place at the Rutland Water Reserve with hundreds of cyclists participating.

For some of us, biking the distance came with ease, a mere peddle around the lake.  For others, it was the first time on a bike in over a decade.  The course was varied, offering something for everyone: hills, lake views, grassland, and the occasional stray sheep.

Spirits were lifted about two-thirds of the way as Cite tackled the largest hill on the course (it is still undetermined whether the perfectly positioned pub had anything to do with boosting team morale). The cool weather and rain did not deter the team and everyone successfully crossed the finish line.

There are a few sore muscles today but the Cite team enjoyed the event.  Cite managed to raise £500 for the charity and thanks everyone who donated. We hope to see you all there next year!