Zuzanna, 3 months at Cite

Over the last 3 months, we’ve had the pleasure of working with digital intern, Zuzanna, in our Client Services team. We asked her to reflect on the last few months:

What’s a Day in the Life like at Cite?

The best part about working in an agency environment is that each day is different! Usually, I’d spend the mornings checking in on our paid social campaigns and community management for our clients. The rest of the day varies from setting up new campaigns, diving into research and meetings with the team. 

Obviously, there’s also team-time, it’s always great catching up with colleagues and having fun while working. 

Tell us a bit about yourself…

I study Media & Communications at the University of Leicester which has been a great adventure for me as an international student (I should probably mention I’m originally from Poland! 🇵🇱 ).

For the past three years I’ve been studying multiple subjects ranging from Television, Consumer Culture to Political Communication. I am so grateful for choosing such a broad course which allowed me to take my time in deciding what the focus of my career is going to be!

My interest in digital marketing started at the beginning of the pandemic. I spent all of the lockdowns (I lost count how many there were in the end) working on freelancing projects in my student accommodation. Everyone starts somewhere! 

Outside work and uni, I actually change my hobbies each season. Cool, right? Most of the last year, I’ve spent my free time filming and editing videos. But, I also recently got into Yoga and Meditation – two areas which really help manage my well being, and can’t recommend highly enough.. Apart from that, I’m very interested in Quantum Physics and…the entire Pokemon franchise. 

1 thing  you enjoyed, 1 thing you learnt and 1 thing you’ll take away

  1. I enjoyed meeting new people with different backgrounds who turned out to be my mentors during the beginning of my career! 
  2. I learnt that asking questions (even if they are super simple) is going to only help you in executing the best work possible. 
  3. I will definitely take away the wisdom that a good and coordinated team is a fundamental aspect of a successful digital agency. 

What’s your predictions for digital/marketing in the next 10 years?

It will definitely get very exciting with the introduction of the Metaverse! I believe that advertising placements and targeting options will develop dramatically which will bring so many new possibilities for marketers. See you in the virtual world! 🤖

Thoughts on an agency environment?

Before coming to Cite as an intern, I did not specifically imagine my career to be agency-focused but already after a week I changed my mind! 

I love how dynamic the atmosphere is. I find it incredibly fascinating that in the morning I analyse ad campaigns promoting recycling and a few hours later I’m already in a meeting with a jewellery e-commerce business.

Any words of wisdom for other interns?

Don’t be scared of asking questions! As an intern, your job is to absorb as much new knowledge as possible!

It’s been great having Zuzanna on board, we wish her all the best in the future. Follow her adventures on LinkedIn. Keep an eye on our socials for more team interviews!